“What a wonderful book… I would give this book 7 stars if I could”
—Faith S. Michael, NetGalley, Nov. 5, 2019 

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Reflections on a Surprising Universe:
Extraordinary Discoveries Through Ordinary Eyes
by Richard Conrad Dieter

Explore our Universe from its grandeur to its most fundamental in this new, accessible and fascinating book.

“What a wonderful book”



“A great read”

“Leaves you in awe”

Do you feel a sense of excitement and awe in learning about both the vastness and intricacies of the world around you? Then let Richard Dieter guide you through the unique synthesis of recent scientific discoveries and what they reveal about us.

This book takes the reader beyond the headlines of the latest scientific breakthroughs, translating complicated topics into an understandable narrative. It covers a wide array of scientific developments in clear and concise language sharing a sense of wonder felt by the author about the universe we find ourselves in. The book covers such developments as the size and expansion of the universe, black holes, gravitational waves, the relativity of spacetime, the multiverse, exoplanets and the possibility of extraterrestrial life, DNA, fundamental particles, quantum mechanics and quantum computers, all in an accessible narrative.

Advance Praise

“I would give this book 7 stars if I could as it is not just full of mostly easy to understand language but it explains and gives answers that text books do not. From the depth of the material covered and the bibliography cited, the author has spent considerable time, effort and diligence in putting the material into a comprehensive package of interesting, cohesive information, theories and scientific discoveries.” (Read the full review)

Faith S. Michael, NetGalley, November 2019

“A great read and a great gift with the holidays upon us. It takes the majestic complications of the universe and presents them in understandable and fascinating terms. It’s the quick and handy guide to our universe. Written in an informative style reminiscent of Bill Bryson. MUST-READ!”

Event Horizon Radio, November 2019

“Not many authors have the skill and breadth to masterfully explain the mysteries of science, and do so in literate language, but Richard Dieter easily ranks as one of them.”

Colman McCarthy, former Washington Post columnist

“In clear prose, Richard Dieter lays out a vision of the universe filled with curiosity and wonder. Dieter’s layman vision of the universe brings the majesty of the cosmos down to the level of the everyday in census of the weirdness that surrounds us on all sides. From the smallest particles to the vastest super-structures, this book is a great read for anyone looking up in the sky and wondering what’s out there.”

John Wenz, former Associate Editor, Astronomy magazine

“This book is like a 2019 version of ‘Powers of Ten’ that takes you 13 billion light years away, then brings you back to the DNA in your hand and leaves you in awe of the beauty and complexity of our universe. Dieter accompanies you on this trip with clear, concise explanations of extraordinary discoveries.”

—Paul Lyons, CEO Zapotec Energy, Inc., Cambridge, MA

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